The new Honor folding screen Magic V will be released tonight. These highlights are worthy of attention.

At 19:30 on January 10th, Honor will hold the Honor flagship new product launch conference, and the highly anticipated first folding screen mobile phone, the Honor Magic V, will be officially unveiled at the conference.

The hinge technology, which is very important on folding screen phones, is also a highlight of the new phone. It is reported that the Honor folding screen is an integrator of cutting-edge technologies in mobile phone design and manufacturing, and the Honor Magic V is also the latest achievement of Honor’s innovative research and development, which can be said to have a very high technology density. As one of the major breakthroughs, hinge technology will refresh everyone’s perception of the thickness of traditional folding screens.

At the same time, the Honor Magic V will adopt the folding form of left and right inward folding, the back adopts a combination of two large and one small three-camera, equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, and will also provide an orange version that is suspected to be made of plain leather. The appearance of this machine may bring us new surprises in terms of appearance, performance and folding flatness.

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