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Meizu PANDAER series of new products official announcement, will be released on January 12

It is reported that Meizu will hold the “Meizu New Forces Winter New Product Launch” at 14:30 on January 12, and today announced the PANDAER brand new product line “PANDAER Chaodian” series. The first new product will be unveiled at the press conference.

It can be seen from the poster that the new product is made of black plastic material with white particles embellishment. The poster wrote: “Let the trend, there is current; let the current, there is heart flow.” The new product is expected to be a mobile power product.

Meizu has previously launched a 10000mAh mobile power bank with a two-color design and a rounded shape. It is expected that Meizu’s newly launched PANDAER series of new products will have a more fashionable style, and will include a variety of products such as power banks, chargers, and data cables.

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