Xiaomi’s official announcement: the new high-end smartwatch Watch S1 is set for December 28

On December 26, Xiaomi officially announced that the new series of Mi Watch S1 will be officially unveiled at the Xiaomi new product launch two days later. Regarding this brand new series, the official introduced that the S series of products take exquisiteness as the standard, and have undergone a comprehensive upgrade in appearance design and internal configuration.

Judging from the official announcement poster, the Mi Watch S1 adopts a round dial design as a whole, with two physical buttons on the side, which looks very delicate and generous. Although there is not much specific information officially announced about Xiaomi Watch S1, from the introduction, it is different from other watches under its umbrella. The S series may be mainly business-oriented.

Moreover, according to Xiaomi staff, Xiaomi’s new Watch S1 is very different from the previous Xiaomi watches. This watch has been newly polished and has a more refined design. Moreover, Xiaomi Watch S1 is a brand new high-end series, and the price may be higher than the smart watch products currently sold by Xiaomi.

It is worth mentioning that at the new product launch conference at the end of the month, Xiaomi has announced that it will launch the new Mi 12 series of mobile phones. According to previous warm-up news, Xiaomi Mi 12 and 12 Pro are equipped with Snapdragon 8 processors, positioning the high-end market; Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is the world’s first Sony IMX707 sensor, and Xiaomi Mi 12 is equipped with Sony IMX766 sensor.

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