Straight screen ceiling! Realme GT2 series debuts 2K+LTPO direct screen

The realme GT2 series new product launch conference is scheduled for January 4. As the launch time approaches, the official has gradually revealed more information about the new machine. On December 27th, Realme announced that the Realme GT2 series will challenge “the strongest 2K direct screen in history.”

According to the official announcement, the realme GT2 series is equipped with the industry’s first 2K+LTPO direct screen, which achieves 2K+120Hz freedom, and has a full range of top performances in terms of display, texture, power consumption, control, and adjustment. It can be said It is the “straight screen ceiling”. In addition, according to the information previously disclosed by the realme official, the Realme GT2 is also expected to achieve both “direct screen control” and “curved screen texture”, and the expectations are full.

In addition to the screen, the appearance is also a highlight of the TrueWo GT2 series. The design slogan of the realme GT2 series is “a piece of paper science and technology”. The machine uses a pure white design and uses environmentally friendly bio-based materials certified by Sabic, which can reduce carbon emissions by 63%; and adopts skin-friendly, anti-corrosion The “paper” texture of fingerprints brings a natural and warm feeling, and also gives people a skin-friendly touch, which is effectively scratch-resistant and fingerprint-proof; supplemented by the laser engraving process, the mobile phone finally presents a “paper” appearance. With high-quality texture and comfortable feel, it is worthy of being Realme’s first high-end flagship. I believe it will be welcomed by many friends after its launch.

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