The world’s first three black technologies! Real me GT2 series conference is scheduled for January 4

“This! This is the age of daring to leapfrog. This! This is the age of young people. This! This is our age.” On the morning of December 22nd, Real Me posted this impassioned text on the official Weibo and announced that Real Me GT2 The series of new product launches will be held at 19:30 on January 4th. As the latest flagship of Truewo, the GT2 series is officially defined as a “high-end flagship customized for young people”. What kind of surprises will it bring this time?

In fact, before the press conference, the officials held a special event of the real GT2 series: a piece of paper science and technology. Through this event, we were able to know some of the highlights of the new machine in advance.

According to the official introduction of Realwo, the Realwo GT2 series will be the world premiere of three major black technologies. Firstly, in terms of environmental protection technology, the GT2 series will be the world’s first material-based material design; secondly, in terms of image, the GT2 series will be the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens; finally, in terms of connectivity, the GT2 series will be the world’s first ultra-wideband free switching antenna technology and new generations. All-position sensing NFC.

It is understood that the realme technical planner stated that the realme GT digital and Neo series have been widely recognized by users, and the realme GT 2 Pro, which has been “shipped” in three years, is the flagship product of the highest specification in the history of realme!

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