8 minutes full of world record-breaking! Exposed millet 200W cable fast charge next year mass production

In the past two years, Xiaomi's exploration of mobile phone charging technology has been very radical, breaking the world record many times, and the 120W fast charging of its mass-produced models is still the world's top charging technology.

Xiaomi did not stop because of the lead. They officially announced a magical revision of the Xiaomi 11 Pro in May this year, breaking two fast charging world records in one fell swoop.

Among them, the wired charging power has reached 200W, and it only takes 8 minutes to charge 100%, bringing wired charging into the 10-minute era for the first time. At the same time, it also achieves 120W ultra-fast wireless flash charging, which can charge 100% in 15 minutes, and wirelessly charge It broke the one-hundred-watt mark for the first time and even exceeded the wired fast charging speed of many top flagships. At that time, Xiaomi officials did not disclose the mass production time of these two top fast chargers. Recently, some bloggers broke the news about Xiaomi's plans for this technology. Among them, the 200W-class wired fast charge will debut around June next year.

Calculated according to the time of this year, the first 200W wired fast charging task may be completed by the top model of Xiaomi Mi 12, which may be named 12 Ultra. By then, the machine will also become the highest fast charging mass-produced model. Qi Juechen.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi officially introduced the safety of the technology before. The official said that the new fast charging technology involves up to 40 safe and active protective measures from the charger end to the motherboard and the battery end. These protective measures are mainly From the four dimensions of charging temperature, charging voltage, and charging current, including the entire charging protocol, a full range of protection is carried out to ensure safety. At the same time, Xiaomi also uses multiple heat dissipation technology to support, under the 200W+120W fast charging power, it can still do a good heat dissipation control.

In addition, Xiaomi has also customized a 10C super fast charging chemical system for 200W, which protects the battery materials to the extreme. The battery energy maintains more than 80% after 800 cycles, which far exceeds the energy after 400 cycles required by the national battery life standard. Keep 60%.

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