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iPhone 13 series coming soon: four models, the lowest price is less than 5,000 yuan!

As usual, Apple will officially release a new generation of iPhone in September this year. There have been many differences in the naming of the phone. However, according to the latest news in the supply chain, Apple has planned to name the new phone “iPhone 13” instead of The previously rumored iPhone 12s.

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The news revealed that there will still be four models in the iPhone 13 series, namely the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Recently, relevant media have disclosed the detailed specifications and prices of these four models. .


First of all, the appearance is one of the most obvious upgrades this year. The model and design drawings that have been exposed many times before have basically confirmed that the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with a small notch display. This is the first time Apple has reduced the notch area in four years. , It will bring a larger screen-to-body ratio and effectively improve the visual effect.
   In terms of screen size, the three sizes of 5.4/6.1/6.7 of the previous generation are still maintained. According to analysts’ predictions, this is also the last time Apple has launched a 5.4-inch small-screen version.
In addition, the entry-level version of the two iPhone 13 may also use a new rear camera arrangement. Although it is still a dual-camera configuration, it has been changed from the original vertical arrangement to a diagonal arrangement, although the three-camera arrangement angle of the Pro version is more Echoing, but it always looks a little strange.
In terms of configuration, the entire iPhone 13 series will be upgraded to the latest self-developed A15 bionic chip. Earlier news said that the chip still uses the 5nm process, but it has upgraded the second-generation 5nm process of TSMC, which will effectively improve the energy efficiency ratio and 5G performance. Will be further improved.


   It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 13 has also increased the battery capacity of the entire series. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is 4352mAh, which is nearly 700mAh more than the 3687mAh of the 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 is 3095mAh, and the iPhone 13 mini is 2406mAh.
   In terms of price, the four new models of the iPhone 13 series start at 699/799/999/1099 US dollars, which means that you can buy the latest iPhone for as little as 4600 yuan.

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