Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock 1

Xiaomi automatic smart door lock PRO release with a super wide Angle

Many people think that the door lock can be used as long as it is on the line, but an excellent door lock can eliminate a lot of security risks, and intelligent door locks can ensure security to a greater extent. On June 29, Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock PRO was released, with the initial price of RMB2099. Compared with the traditional door lock, it is more comprehensive and has more rich functions, which can greatly protect the property safety of users.

Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock PRO adopts a high-end automatic lock body, open the door quickly after fingerprint verification, close the door automatically lock, no need to worry about forgetting to lock the door; Built-in 172° ultra-wide Angle camera, support 2.3 megapixel HD camera, the image sensor of 16:16, monitoring range greatly improved; Connect the mobile APP to remotely check the situation in front of the door, support visual call with visitors, voice change and other functions, it is safer to stay at home alone; More inductive electronic doorbell, the doorbell will automatically wake up when the guests visit.

Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock

As a door lock, we are most concerned about the way to unlock the lock. Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock PRO has a fingerprint, password, NFC, Bluetooth, HomeKit, temporary password, emergency key seven unlocking methods. The lock can recognize fingerprints by fingerprint, skin, electrical conductivity, and other dimensions, and the recognition rate is up to 98.94%. The NFC identification area is integrated with the keyboard, which can be quickly identified and unlocked when the device is near. Can’t get up and open the door? Call “Hey Siri, unlock the door” to quickly open the door. The door lock is equipped with a human body sensor, which can identify the person outside the door and record the video. With an intelligent AI humanoid detection algorithm, it can effectively reduce missed shots and greatly guarantee security.

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