Mi TV 6

Mi TV 6 debuts ahead of schedule, with picture quality benchmarking top flagships or using OLED screens

On the morning of June 21, Mi TV 6 was officially announced.

The product is scheduled to be released at 14:00 on June 28, called the “Image Quality Dual Flagship Meeting”. It seems that there are two products: Mi TV 6 and Mi TV 6 Pro.

During the warm-up, the official revealed that the internal code name of Mi TV 6 is “Uncrowned Master”. It seems to continue some of the high-end features of the Mi TV Master series. The official emphasized that Mi TV 6 has a fully-extended supreme picture quality, which is uncut. Almighty strength!

Earlier, the general manager of Xiaomi TV had exposed the bright screen of the suspected Xiaomi TV 6. When the final season of the drama “Game of Thrones” was played, the picture quality was better by the word of mouth.


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