Drift X3

Upgraded version of the head-mounted camera Drift X3 unveiled, further broadening industry applications

Recently, the long-awaited Drift X3 new machine was officially released. This head-mounted camera has a wide range of uses. In addition to the convenient basic functions of first-view high-definition shooting, the powerful network connection function also enables the product to have functions such as first-view video live broadcast, video call, etc., used for equipment maintenance, telemedicine, engineering design surveying and other fields to provide professional video communication The solution further expands the scope of industry application.


The X3 head-mounted camera optimizes the network system and video pixels on the basis of X1 and X1+. The upgraded Drift X3 can be used as a shooting equipment for daily life. The first-view shooting with free hands is especially suitable for recording the warm moments of a family. At the same time, it can also be used to broadcast live from the first perspective, such as outdoor fishing, adventure, etc., to interact with netizens online to increase the joy of life. Live video records and photos can also be uploaded to the cloud space for storage through the cloud function of the camera, which does not take up additional memory, which is very convenient.

In the industrial, medical and other technical fields, its two-way video call is also a very effective help, which can help technicians in various industries to complete their work more efficiently. In terms of operation, X3 continues the convenient process of the X1 series. Using the WeChat applet, the camera can scan the code to access the conference system. Both parties do not need to install and register any App. It can be initiated anytime and anywhere just like a normal phone call in 3 easy steps. video call.

The upgraded X3 integrates a new chip to make video calls clearer, and can more realistically restore the refined operation process in industrial scenarios, providing a better experience for technicians in various industries and reducing their work. pressure


The X3 has a light body and a weight of only 93 grams. The head-fixed headband adopts an ergonomic broadband design. It is easy and comfortable to wear and can be used when shooting outside, which greatly meets the convenience needs of users. It has a built-in 1160mAH lithium battery and wireless communication capabilities, with a battery life of more than 3 hours, and it can record the entire scene when it is broadcast live outdoors. On the whole, Drift X3 is a head-mounted camera that can meet multi-functional shooting.


The market is changing rapidly, and what remains unchanged is the excellent quality of Drift cameras. From X1 to X3, we always insist on returning users with high-quality products. X3 retains the core functions of head-mounted cameras on the basis of upgrading hardware equipment to provide users with The requirements for use in different scenarios.

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