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Mijia intelligent mosquito repeller 2 can be used for 135 nights with crowdfunding colorless and fragrance free

It’s summer time, and mosquitoes are active. A few days ago, Xiaomi announced that it will launch Mijia intelligent mosquito repellent 2. On May 12, Mijia intelligent mosquito repeller 2 officially launched a new crowdfunding product, which supports Xiaoai’s voice control. After accessing miiot platform, Mijia intelligent mosquito repeller 2 can interact with multiple devices intelligently, and a new usb-c power supply mode is added, so users don’t need to worry about the power problem.

After the official introduction, the anti-mosquito remedy in Mijia is an intelligent mosquito repeller 2 Methoxybenzbluthrin, and the effective time of volatilisation of a single active substance 1080 hours. If used for eight hours each night, it can be used for approximately 4.5 months and there is no need to replace it throughout the summer. The pyrethroids contained in the mosquito tablet can effectively repel mosquitoes after evaporation, and the effect is better in airless space.For 28m3-place an intelligent mosquito repeller 2 with a single Mizie is suitable.

Unlike the heated mosquito repellent products, Miejia intelligent mosquito repellent 2 can promote the uniform volatilisation of the insecticide by the built-in fan traction that does not produce open smoke, and the insecticide is colourless, odourless, If the mosquito repeater is switched on and switched on in the USB-C power supply, it supports Xiao AI’s voice control. If you want to turn off the mosquito repellent, simply call “Xiao AI, class camera, turn off the mosquito repellent”.

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