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Xiaomi market share in Europe surpasses Apple to take 2nd slot

Recently, Canalys released data showing that Xiaomi mobile phones have been a great success in the European market.

In Q1 2021, Xiaomi was ranked the 2nd biggest smartphone maker in terms of shipments in all of Europe for the first time, according to Canalys.

On May 6, Xiaomi Group Vice President Zeng Xuezhong posted on Weibo that Xiaomi’s market share surpassed Apple in the European smartphone market in the first quarter, reaching second place for the first time; Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments in Western Europe increased sharply and its market share remained stable. Third: Xiaomi’s Spanish smartphone market share has been ranked first for five consecutive quarters.

Zeng Xuezhong cited the latest data from Canalys. According to the data, Samsung ranked first in the market share of smartphones in Europe in the first quarter, accounting for 35%; Xiaomi ranked second, with a market share of 23%, and ranked third. Apple has a market share of 19%; OPPO ranks fourth with a market share of 4%; and Huawei ranks fifth with a market share of 3%.

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