Counterpoint: 19-20 US smartphone market OnePlus grows 163%

Recently, the well-known analysis agency Counterpoint released a report titled: “OnePlus Boosts the Trend of the U.S. Mobile Phone Market in 2020”. The report pointed out that OnePlus has become the only brand in the U.S. mobile phone market to grow against the trend in 2020, successfully surpassing Apple and Samsung, with an annual growth rate of 163%.

   Due to the impact of the epidemic, almost all mobile phone brands in the US market will experience negative growth in 2020. It was not until the second half of 2020 that we saw signs of market recovery. Overall, although Apple and Samsung achieved year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2020, their overall market sales have declined in 2020.

   OnePlus founder and CEO Liu Zuohu said: This not only shows that we have outperformed many giant competitors in the regional market, but also represents the broad opportunities and prospects of OnePlus in the future global market. This year we will pay more attention to China, including the construction of offline sales channels and the completion of the service system. I believe that this time next year, we will definitely hand in an answer sheet that will make you happy and happy. The future is promising, gogogo!

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