New Apple TV remote control adds ads search function and is equipped with a stronger chip

Bloomberg reported that Apple is developing a new Apple TV, which is expected to be available in 2021. The new Apple TV will upgrade the remote control, adding a function similar to “Find My iPhone”, which will make the lost remote control easier to find in the room.

The new Apple TV may be equipped with a faster processor, and will have higher capacity 64GB and 128GB storage options. Bloomberg did not provide detailed information about when the new “Apple TV” will be released, but since the beginning of January this year, the device’s signal has appeared in the test, it is likely to be released early next year.

In addition, it is reported that Apple also plans to add a new “children mode” on Apple TV. It will allow Apple TV users to set up a separate account for their children and control which applications can be used. In addition, Apple is redesigning Apple TV+ to pay more attention to content.

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