Xiaomi Youpin New Foot Therapy Machine can heat massage

For people who go to school or work, sitting for a long time will cause poor blood circulation in the lower body, leading to cold legs and swelling. If we can have a home pedicure machine to take care of our legs and feet after we go home every day, our happiness will be improved a lot. Recently, the RP-3600x pedicure machine RP-3600x has been launched on Xiaomi Youpin. This pedicure machine supports the treatment of legs and feet together, which satisfies the requirements of users. At present, the retail price of the pedicure machine is 999 yuan, and now it only costs 899 yuan to purchase with coupons.

The RP-3600x RP-3600x pedicure machine with integrated legs and feet adopts a flip-type creative structure, which can not only strengthen the feet, but also slim the legs. When in use, the foot therapy machine can three-dimensionally wrap the user’s feet and massage rhythmically. At the same time, airbags wrap the calf to massage, relax the legs and feet in all directions, stimulate blood circulation, so as to relieve the fatigue of the day.

The RP-3600x RP-3600x foot massage machine supports constant temperature heating. In the cold season, the warm air gently wraps the legs and feet, and cooperates with the rhythm and airbags to achieve a quick and relaxing massage effect. It is worth mentioning that it also added “foot shaking technology”, which promotes the relaxation of the legs through high-frequency vibration of the soles, relieves muscle stiffness, and brings users a special massage experience.

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