iPhone 12 Pro supports 120Hz refresh rate!

Twitter account iAppleTimes (@iAppleTimes) recently quoted a tweet from a netizen and found that in iOS 14 beta 5, the option of “Limit Frame Rate” (Limit Frame Rate) appeared. Assuming that if the iPhone 12 series still only supports 60Hz screen refresh rate, it is completely meaningless to provide the “Limit Frame Rate” setting function. This option appeared in the iOS 14 system, suggesting that Apple intends to increase the screen refresh rate of the iPhone 12 series.

It is understood that the Limit Frame Rate function has appeared in iOS 14 beta 1, so the reappearance of this function in beta 5 is equivalent to adding some evidence for the iPhone 12 series to support 120Hz screen refresh rate. In response to this revelation, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC), a research organization in the display field, once again responded to the previous findings, saying that the iPhone 12 series did not use LTPO screen technology.

Regarding the discussion of the iPhone 12 series supporting 120Hz screen refresh rate, it is speculated from the current situation that it seems that the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch screen style) can support the highest possibility, and whether the iPhone 12 Pro can support it is still unknown. iPhone The 12 and iPhone 12 Max models are even less likely. It can be seen that in addition to the differences in specifications such as cameras and screen sizes, the entry-level iPhone 12 series and the higher-end iPhone 12 Pro series are also likely to have significant differences in screen technology, giving a more reasonable price difference between the two. instruction of.

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