Can Android watch get a “new life”?

The most basic gap between the Android watch and the Apple Watch is probably in the performance. The performance is not enough. No matter how beautiful a smart watch is, it is no different from a “large bracelet.”

The dilemma of Android watches

Complementing performance is the most important point, but for Android watches, there are more problems to be solved.

The most difficult thing to solve is the poor experience caused by Google Wear OS. It is just like the early Android system. The function is not perfect and the experience is not perfect. However, the reason is that Google, as an important driver in the field of Android watches, has neither clear strategic goals nor corresponding hardware products. Therefore, the upgrade of Wear OS in recent years is not painful or itchy.

It is like updating for the purpose of updating. A clear iterative direction, so Google has not played an exemplary role for cooperative manufacturers, causing the Android watch camp to be like a team without a leader, and it has not become a climate for so many years.

In contrast to Apple Watch, in terms of hardware, S-series chips have improved significantly every year; in terms of software, watchOS has created a first-class interconnection experience. On this basis, Apple has also targeted the health and sports fields to make precise efforts. It has unique advantages.

Will the future of Android watches be better?

Is smart watch just needed? Obviously not, but consumers will always have new demands. It is undeniable that more and more people want to obtain their sleep status or exercise data through watches. Of course, there will be people who want to use watches in the future.

Deal with some lightweight tasks in time. Compared with mobile phones, smart watches can be worn on the wrist at any time, which is more private and safer. Compared with wristbands, watches have more powerful computing power, so smart watches are more suitable for carrying some private and slightly heavier applications. (Compared to bracelets), such as personal health, exercise monitoring, wallet, message reply, intelligent assistant, etc.

Obviously, smart watches still have broad development prospects. In the report released by Canalys this year, the global shipments of smart watches in the first quarter increased by 12% year-on-year, while in the Chinese market this figure was 66%. It is worth mentioning that in the market segment, BBK’s small genius children’s watch occupies a very high share.

Because children are not convenient to use mobile phones, they have a certain degree of connectivity, can use light applications, and can make calls. The smart watch of the company has become the best choice, and in more market segments, such as the elderly market and the medical field, I believe that smart watches will also have suitable applications.

As for Android watches, although the prospects of Android watches are still full of unknowns, as long as they continue to explore, I believe that we will get positive feedback from the market and consumers.

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