Amazon Smart Shopping Cart “Dash Cart” Will be Launched Soon

Amazon will launch a new smart shopping cart, Dash Cart, which can replace checkout at the counter.

Dash Cart is equipped with a touch screen and various other hardware components, which can automatically detect the items that the shopper wants to put in or even take off from the shelf. After the shopping is completed, the shopper can push the trolley to a fixed driveway, which can check out the shopper digitally without manual cashiers.

For many years, Amazon has been trying to learn lessons from developing Alexa products, and through the acquisition of Whole Foods and the growing Amazon Go to build a physical network. Dilip Kumar, vice president of physical retail and technology at Amazon, said: “Dash Cart has a camera and a scale, and is also equipped with computer vision and weight sensors. The device can not only identify items, but also determine the number of items.”

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