Android 11 System Lists Five Grades on Its 5G Signal

Does signal really need to be graded? Android 11 System made a change on its signal logo in order to make users more intuitive about the operator’s thoughts.
Specifically, the 4G and 5G signal identification of the native system will have the following five types:
-LTE: Standard 4G
-LTE +: 4G network with carrier aggregation added
-5Ge: LTE enhanced networkAndroid 11 System Lists Five Grades on Its 5G Signal
-5G: New air interface, Sub 6GHz band
-5G +: New air interface, millimeter wave band
Five different signals represent the difference in the upper limit of network speed, from low to high, and so on. Of course, because few domestic Android 11 ROMs are used in China, coupled with the magical changes made in domestic systems, I am afraid that this standard recommendation will not be followed. Moreover, the 5G networks currently deployed by the three major operators are all based on Sub 6GHz bearers.

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