Zoom Announced to Ban Chinese User Account, No More Free Service is Provided

NetEase Technology News May 19, according to foreign media reports, the video conferencing application Zoom announced that it has banned individual Chinese users to register and no longer provide free services.
Shanghai Donghan Telecom Management Company, a partner operating the Zoom China website, said that from May 1, individual free users can no longer host meetings on Zoom, but they can still join the meeting. Only paid corporate accounts and individuals who are upgraded before the deadline can host the meeting. At the same time, Zoom will only allow companies with business registration certificates and corporate bank accounts to purchase their services, and individual purchases will no longer be accepted.
Zoom has been criticized for security issues. Its simple and easy-to-use design allows users to join a meeting by simply clicking a link, without an account or password. This has led to a recent surge of so-called ZoomBowning harassment, that is, uninvited participants Disrupt meetings by posting offensive content.
To improve privacy and security, the company recently introduced H.R. McMaster, a former Trump administration national security adviser, as an independent director, and hired former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos (Alex Stamos) served as a consultant. It also announced the acquisition of security company Keybase to help establish end-to-end encryption.

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