The US Parts Of 5G Huawei Mobile Accounted For Only 1.5%, Nissan Reduced Production By 20%, And Foxconn Profits Fell By 90%

On May 17th, it has been one year now since the United States enlisted Huawei technology on the embargo list until May 15th. After dismantling the Mate 30, a high-end 5G mobile phone on behalf of Huawei, it was found that the utilization rate of Chinese-made components has risen to about 42% in terms of amount, while the US-made components have dropped from about 11% to about 1.5%. It can be seen that one year after the US initiated sanctions, Huawei had to adjust its procurement targets substantially. In addition, in the Mate 30 5G version, the chips was originally used by Skyworks Solutions, a large US communications chip company, now it uses products developed by HiSilicon.

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