Qin Pro Built in Black Tech, the Best Performance Of Simplification

At the end of April, the new car Qin Pro beyond version of BYD started pre-sale. However, the biggest surprise of this new car to the majority of consumers is its “black technology”-“the industry’s first standard mobile phone NFC car key” car.
In recent years, BYD ’s new car has already become a representative of the combination of car and technology. This is the focus of BYD’s differentiated development with other car brands. After all, there are very few companies have senior experience in car manufacturing and have a tradition of innovation through technology in their genes on the other hand. The birth of the Qin Pro beyond version undoubtedly proves this again. The pre-sale price of Qin Pro beyond version is only 80,000 to 100,000, the reason why the name of the beyond version is because of technological innovation. It goes beyond the existence of traditional cars. In terms of experience, it will bring more convenience and smart feeling to users.

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