Huawei Adds 700 Million Dollars Order to TSMC to Accelerate Production of Kirin 1100 Chips

Huawei has added a large order of up to 700 million dollars to TSMC. The products cover 5nm and 7nm chips, which will directly accelerate the production of Kirin 1100 chips.
This is also a response to the previous US ban. On May 15th, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce announced a plan to restrict Huawei, saying that companies that manufacture chips for Huawei outside the United States need to apply for a license as long as they use US semiconductor production equipment. In addition, the Temporary General License (TGL) for Huawei and its related companies (such as HiSilicon) on the “Entity List” will be extended by 90 days.
This rule also allows chips to be produced before the rules are promulgated and shipped to Huawei within 120 days, otherwise export will be prohibited.
TSMC is the largest foundry of Huawei chips. The United States is trying to cut off Huawei’s global chip supply from chip production. This time Huawei’s additional order is also using the last time window to quickly stock up.

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