Highland Barometer Smart Lock Q7 Public Test: Smart Touch Screen Has Passed Huawei’s Smart Card Certification

A few days ago, the highland barometer smart lock Q7 launched a public test in the Huawei mall. The public test price was 1399 RMB. During the public test, users who purchased the highland barley smart lock Q7 will receive a free set of exquisite wireless doorbells. At the same time, 20 lucky persons will be randomly selected to be rewarded a full-color AI camera with a small porpoise, at last, one particularly lucky user will be selected to give away one Huawei P40 Pro. Let us first take a look at the configuration of the highland barley smart lock Q7.
Barley Smart Lock Q7 possesses six major unlocking methods. We can unlock it through Huawei smart card, fingerprint, national secret V card (anti-copy NFC card) standard password, virtual password, and mechanical key. Among them, Huawei mobile phone does not need to open the phone With APP, it can be unlocked by “touching” with the door lock; equipped with a touch screen, we can manage the smart lock like using a mobile phone; unique fingerprint image gain chip, the fingerprint image is clearer and the recognition effect is better; high-level security is adopted The chip and core module pass the national secret certification to ensure data security.
Barley Smart Lock Q7 can be controlled through the Huawei Smart Life APP. We can remotely view the door lock information and send alarms immediately. In addition, without a gateway, you can link a variety of HUAWEI HiLink smart devices to set home through the Huawei Smart Life APP. 3. A home away from home scene to achieve a wonderful smart home experience.

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