Brilliant Control Launches HomeKit Support to Connect Lights And Fans

After the announcement at CES (Electronic Consumer Show) in January, Brilliant officially provided HomeKit support for its “Control” smart home center in the public Beta version. This means that users can now use the Home app and Siri on Apple devices to control lights and fans.
Similar to other smart switches on the market, Brilliant Control can replace the physical light switch in the house. The difference is that Brilliant’s control panel integrates smart home products from Amazon, Nest, Ecobee, Ring, August, Philips Hue, Sonos, Honeywell, and Wemo into its display. Through such integration, users can directly control the Apple Home application or HomePod through Brilliant Control or Siri. This will make lights or switching devices (such as fans) directly connected to Brilliant Control appear as HomeKit accessories and be used in scenarios and automation in the Apple Home experience.
Brilliant also pointed out the limitations of its new support for HomeKit, saying that this is a limitation of Apple: Apple currently does not support non-Apple devices to display and control HomeKit devices on its interface.

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