Huawei routing AX3 promotes the evolution of home routing

With the continuous development of technology, since the first half of 2020, many newly launched mobile phones and PCs will support Wi-Fi 6 as an important selling point, and the concept of Wi-Fi 6 has gradually become well known by the public.
As the world ’s first Wi-Fi 6+ intelligent router, Huawei ’s AX3 series is equipped with up to a quad-core processor. Through self-developed chip-level collaboration, it brings a more advanced Wi-Fi 6+ solution that supports true 160MHz oversize. Bandwidth, dual-band concurrent maximum connection rate can reach 3000Mbps, but the flagship configuration price is only 229 yuan, no wonder that the routing market can suddenly be as hot as the mobile phone circle, two sales have formed a panic buying boom, several times They were sold out of stock, completely igniting the enthusiasm of home users to change machines, and promoting the evolution of home routing needs.
HUAWEI AX3 series is equipped with the highest 4GHz 1.4GHz CPU, which is the strongest 3000M Wi-Fi 6+ router. At the same time, it achieves a large bandwidth of 160MHz, which can achieve an extra wall through the wall thickness of Chinese households. The actual throughput rate can be as high as 1.8Gbps, compared to other Wi-Fi 6 devices with 80MHz bandwidth. The speed is twice as fast. In other words, if you install Huawei AX3 in the living room, you can still enjoy high-speed Internet in the bedroom and kitchen.
In addition, Huawei router AX3 Pro also supports one-touch networking, friends and family gathering, no need to enter a separate password, for Android phones that support NFC function, as long as you touch Huawei router AX3 series, you can easily connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password. This function is very suitable for the scenes of guest visits. In the scenes of friends coming together, the elderly surfing the Internet, and the life scene of hotels and restaurants, users can connect with one touch without any need to share complex Wi-Fi passwords.

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