Honor routing 3 official announcement: WiFi 6+ with 4 antennas

On May 18, Honor will hold a full-scene press conference to release a variety of new products, including the new Honor Smart Screen, MagicBook Pro 2020, and Honor Tablet V6. After the official announcement of the world’s first tablet that supports both 5G and WiFi6 yesterday, on the morning of May 14, Honor announced an all-scenario new product, which also has a very high degree of attention and competitiveness.
On May 14th, Honor Smart Life announced that Honor’s first Wi-Fi 6+ route, Honor Route 3, is here. Enjoy the upgrade experience and witness the acceleration of connectivity! Judging from the official poster, Honor Router 3 has 4 antennas, supports WiFi 6+, and has excellent wall penetration capabilities. In terms of antenna design, Honor Router 3 also writes WIFi6 + on the antenna, and consumers can see its product characteristics at a glance, which can better demonstrate its product power.
As for the price, the current WiFi6 router prices on the market are still “unattainable”, and they are starting to cost thousands of yuan. I don’t know whether this glory will break the market price “dilemma” and maintain the consistently high quality price point, which will help popularize WiFi6 +.

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