At first thought HIFIMAN DEVA Bluetooth headset

If you know HiFi headphones, you will have heard of the brand HIFIMAN. It has deep technical background in research and development and tuning, and also has its own style in design. It’s just that the products launched by men’s houses in the past are very atmospheric in appearance, but they are not limited in some details. HIFIMAN DEVA has become more refined in terms of overall design and details.
It can be seen that HIFIMAN DEVA does not continue the traditional louver grille open structure of HIFIMAN flat headphones, and uses honeycomb mesh panels. This design is more in line with the public’s perception of headphones, silver and brown appear in the headphones On, bring a retro fan.
HIFIMAN DEVA’s head beam is tightly wrapped with a large piece of brown skin. The middle filler is very full. It is soft and soft when pressed by hand, and it rebounds very quickly, providing users with a very comfortable wearing experience. Sutures are exposed at the top, highlighting the sense of quality and quality. Looking down, the position where the head beam is connected to the earphones is a very atmospheric silver part, with the English letters of DEVA and HIFIMAN printed on the outside, and L and R on the inside, allowing users to quickly distinguish between the left and right ears.
The earmuffs also use brown skin, and there are evenly distributed small holes on the part that fits the ears, which is more breathable when worn. And the flat diaphragm design makes the earmuffs very large. It can wrap the ears in the earmuffs without any pressure on the ears. It can also gather sound waves to make the sound more stable. The left and right units are connected by two huge rivets, and there is a kind of American western cowboy’s madness.


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