Huawei Leverage AR Holographic Projection And Develop New Solutions With Cambridge University

Market  Watch  reported  on   April   29th   that  Huawei  is  developing  an  AR  optical  module  for  retinal imaging, which features flexible focusing and 3D holographic display. The solution, aiming at easing visual conflict, is jointly developed  by  Huawei  European  Experimental  Center  and  CAPE (Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics) of Cambridge University. Traditional AR glasses have poor  focusing ability and is easily to be  conflict with the visual focus  of  human  eyes,  and  problems  like  wrong  depth  perception,   visual  fatigue,  and   nausea   is  incurred, but holographic projection  is  able to  solve  these  flaws. Therefore, this technology is popular among customers and has wider applications, like display stands, brand lunch event, etc.

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