Facebook launched the mobile game live streaming app in advance, and the game has become an important strategic layout

Facebook Gaming, the game’s live streaming app, was originally planned to launch in June, but with the continued growth of Facebook Gaming and the epidemic, Facebook believes that it is now the best time to release the app.

Facebook upgraded it to meet current needs. The app was launched on April 20 and was initially only available on Android devices. Facebook plans to release the app on iOS devices after obtaining Apple ’s approval.

Prior to this, Facebook Gaming has been tested in several markets including Latin America and Southeast Asia for one and a half years.

Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook Gaming application, told the media, “Investing in games has generally become our number one priority because we believe that games are a form of entertainment that truly connects people. It is not only a passive The form of consumption, but also an interactive entertainment, it brings people together. ”

Fidji Simo pointed out that the gaming business during quarantine has experienced substantial growth.

Some features of Facebook Gaming
Facebook will launch a live game application for creating and watching real-time games. Social engagement is the focus of the app, and the iOS version is yet to be reviewed by Apple.

Facebook will also launch a tool called Go Live, which aims to break the market currently dominated by Twitch and YouTube.

Facebook tried to guide users to add the “Go Live” tool, so that users can live broadcast mobile games directly from the mobile interface to Facebook in real time. Previously, anchors usually needed to broadcast live on platforms such as Twitch and required special third-party software and hardware.

Some media reported that the function wanted to “allow users to upload other mobile live content on the same device with just a few buttons”. The live broadcast can be synchronized to the stream of the anchor ’s personal Facebook page, making it easier for fans to watch. “Vivek Sharma, vice president of Facebook games, said that people are watching the live broadcast and everyone wants to be the anchor, while in Go Live, you can become the anchor with just a few clicks.

Currently, the app has no advertising support, although Facebook revealed to the media that it plans to make a profit by charging commissions from viewers ’rewards to the anchor.

Like YouTube and Twitch, Facebook is indeed trying to provide a way for some anchors to profit. Similar to Twitch’s membership and YouTube’s partner program, Facebook’s “level up” aims to make anchors profitable.

Facebook said it will explore more monetization options over time.

Progress in Facebook games
Facebook has invested in gaming for many years and is trying to build its streaming community by collaborating with different creators and hosting e-sports competitions.

A report by streaming software company StreamElements shows that between December 2018 and December 2019, the viewing time of Facebook games increased by 210%.

At present, the market has a more representative view of Facebook Gaming. It still believes that Facebook ’s game user base is not good: Although Facebook has a large user base (2.5 billion people use Facebook every month), in terms of game time, it It still lags behind Twitch and YouTube (which belong to Amazon and Google).

According to public data, Twitch accounted for 61% of the viewing time in December 2019, while YouTube maintained a 28% market share. In fourth place is Microsoft’s Mixer, but the company’s total time to watch live broadcasts is less than 3% of the total viewing time.

There is a view that, compared to the professional games of Twitch and YouTube and the guidance of some heavy games, Facebook Gaming may achieve differentiated coverage in casual games.

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