Cobos DEEBOT T8 AIVI won the 2020 AWE Apland Excellent Product Award

On April 16th, in the online release of the 2020 Epland Awards Excellent Products hosted by AWE, Cobos Robot’s new flagship DEEBOT T8 AIVI won the 2020AWE Excellent Product Award. Following the German iF Design Award in 2020, it was able to win the Epland Award, which the industry compares to the “Oscar in the field of global smart life”, proving the excellent product technology strength of DEEBOT T8 AIVI of Cobos, as a household service robot industry Leading the brand, Cobos continues to lead the industry innovation with its strong R & D strength and technological innovation capabilities.

DEEBOT T8 AIVI once again leads the industry’s technological innovation

Based on the market development trend of sweeping robots and the increase in user demand for product use, Cobos relied on technological innovation to further overcome users’ pain points in product intelligence and cleaning experience. As a forward-looking innovative product in the industry, DEEBOT T8 AIVI has a brain, can make decisions, and can be a housekeeper. It is a new generation of intelligent cleaning robots.

As the first brand in the industry to creatively apply AIVI artificial intelligence and visual recognition systems to sweeping robots, Cobos has fully upgraded the unique AIVI technology on DEEBOT T8 AIVI, making the sweeping robot not only recognize people and identify objects more accurately Richer and more able to make cleaning planning decisions with “wisdom”.

Cobos has also made a breakthrough in robot navigation technology. DEEBOT T8 AIVI uses a new TrueMapping global planning technology, pioneering the introduction of aerospace-level dToF navigation, truly millimeter-level navigation, and faster distance mapping More accurate, so that the cleaning robot can achieve room-by-room cleaning and floor-by-floor memory, and the cleaning problems faced by complex and large units have been effectively solved.

In terms of cleaning technology for sweeping robot products, Cobos upgraded its self-developed blue whale cleaning system to version 3.0, and applied the OZMO Pro electric high-frequency wiping system for the first time, realizing 480 high-frequency repeated wiping per minute. Dissolve stubborn stains on the ground easily.

Innovation drives Cobos robots to continue to lead

The award of the EPLAN Excellent Product Award this time is not only a recognition of DEEBOT T8 AIVI, but also a commendation for the continuous innovation of Cobos Robot. As one of the earliest brands in China’s sweeping robot industry, from the initial single sweep, to the industry’s standard sweeping and dragging integration, and then to high-frequency strong dragging, Cobos robots not only reflect full forward-looking in product innovation, technology It always leads the industry.

Based on the accumulation of products and technologies in floor-sweeping robots, Cobos focuses on richer household cleaning needs, expands the category of household service robots, and innovatively introduces air purification and window cleaning robots, which provides more possibilities for the development of the industry. It not only brings changes in the entire industry, but also reflects a flexible insight into consumer needs and choices.

With millennials becoming the main consumer group and facing more and more rational consumers, the industry has started a new round of shuffling and upgrading. Under this background, the innovation-driven Cobos robot has stepped on it again. The correct position, the full range of home service robots with core values ​​and innovation barriers, will further enhance the brand value. In the future, Cobos robots will undoubtedly continue to lead.

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