Botai Internet of Vehicles has received a strategic investment from Xiaomi Group. Does Xiaomi have to build cars?

In recent years, if autonomous driving seems to be far away, then the Internet of Vehicles is obviously an easier goal to achieve. From the perspective of the capital market, companies in the Internet of Vehicles-related industries have also been more popular with investors in recent years. On April 17, after obtaining Dongfeng Motor’s hundreds of millions of yuan in strategic financing, Shanghai Botai Internet of Vehicles once again received a B-round strategic investment from Xiaomi Group. Relevant news shows that this time Xiaomi invested in Botai as a strategic investor, but the investment amount and specific share ratio have not been disclosed.

博泰车联网获小米集团战略投资 难道小米也要造车?

As we all know, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, has a good investment vision. This time, as a strategic investor, he invested in Botai, and some people in the industry began to speculate. Will Xiaomi start building cars again? Xiaobian doesn’t think so. Before that, Xiaomi had been rumored to build cars, but Lei Jun had made it clear that Xiaomi would not build cars. In addition, after all, Botai is not a car manufacturer.

Botai was established in October 2009, and it has formulated a strategy of “1 + 1 + N”, that is, vehicle + mobile phone + N in its development strategy. N refers to various input and output devices, including headphones, watches, and mobile phones. Smart homes such as rings, TVs, and various IOT devices. Such a strategic development path is undoubtedly the same as Lei Jun’s “5G + AIoT”. Therefore, there will be such a strategic injection.

Obviously, such a successful cooperation is a win-win situation for both parties. From the perspective of Botai, Xiaomi’s investment is not only the cooperation of funds, but more importantly, it has a strong partner, especially for its product mobile phone networking. From the perspective of Xiaomi, the progress has completed the ecological layout and laid the foundation for the future strategic layout of the Internet of Vehicles.

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