When we stay at home, we are fighting the virus.
When we stay at home, we are the soldiers who save the world.
I know that looking at the outside world every day is like a biochemical crisis. I feel anxious and fearful.
But the summer of 2020 will come as usual.
During this time, let’s calm down and do something interesting.
The clever Chinese gave us a good example.
They play game at home.

Teach cats advanced mathematics.

Fishing in a fish tank.

It’s so cute!

Also, I think you can try to do the following things:
1.Accompany your baby child
In the past, when I was busy, I often did n’t know what pictures my children like to draw, and I did n’t have time to teach them new words and new things. Now we can have enough time to use Xiaomi’s hand drawing board to communicate with children.

2. Fitness
I have a fairly shapely figure, but I still keep running every day.
Of course, it is irresponsible for you or others to run outside now.
Fortunately, I bought a Xiaomi walking pad machine so that I could keep exercising at home.
Now I walk on the walking machine for two hours every day with wireless headphones.
Do you know? It makes me feel that I can live at the end of the world.
Yes, exercise is not only for the body, but also to maintain self-confidence, optimism and reduce anxiety.

3. Cooking
It is the happiest thing in the world to spend energy and time cooking a table for your family.
How long has it been since you spent time with your family?
Guys, this is a good time!
By the way, do you have any recipes? The comments tell me!

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